Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bella Getting Into Trouble

One of the things I love about the fall and winter seasons is the plethora of dried leaves that manage to find their way onto the outside balcony. They make a wonderful crinkle and crunch sound that I cannot get enough of. Usually I try to bring them inside and chew them in the comfort of my doggie bed, but my VIH tells me "No!" and takes it away from me. Why, I am not sure. Well, there were a few times I went overboard on the leaves and spread them all over the house when my VIH was at work, but that's not just my fault... Daisy and Diego were in on it too! So why should I be the one punished, why can't I have all the fun?

Ooooooooh, a nice dried leaf! I will chew on you now!

VIH, I am not doing anything naughty! I am not about to chomp down on that leaf you see in front of me. Oh, not me, I am a good doggie girl!