Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Today our VIH took us to see a bunch of other Chis to let us play, run and do something humans call Halloween. We don't really know what this Halloween is, but a lot of the Chis were dressed in these crazy outfits. Thank God we didn't have to dress like them, but we heard our VIH say next year she is going to make us the best looking costumes for us ever. Whatever that means we haven't a clue.

Working the crowd.

This Chi has been turned into a hot dog.

The humans call this one a spider.
My VIH calls this my "Princess Lea" costume. I am so embarrassed.
For a second we thought this Chi was being eaten alive by a dinosaur.
The humans seemed to go really nuts over this Chi dressed like a waitress.

Her brother was dressed like a hamburger. Mmmmm... hamburger.

Taking it all in.
Wait, you're telling us you get treats on Halloween for dressing up? Darn it, VIH, why didn't you put us in costumes?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I love attention. There, I've said it. Is that so bad? Is it wrong that I want scratches and belly rubs whenever my VIH sits down to do something? Reading a book... love me. Typing on the computer... love me. Sewing... love me. I strategically plan on wanting attention whenever my VIH is not 100% focused on me, to remind her of how important I am. And how do I get attention? I have to give myself credit for this one... I take my razor sharp claws and scratch them on her arm, or when I am desperate, right across her face! Sometimes she yells and tells me "NO!" but I do it once more (usually right on the face) and what do I get? Attention. Love. It is so good to be me.

Hard at work.

Enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Round One, Fight!

Today our VIH gave us something she calls a bath. Baths suck. It goes against every natural instinct we have. When you smell something nasty and foul that turns your stomach, it is in a chihuahuas nature to ROLL IN IT. But instead these humans have to ruin this beautiful putrid smell and say, "You smell like a dog!" Well, no kidding... the last time we checked we had four legs and fur and barked. So rather than letting us smell like a dog, our VIH throws us into a sink and pours this foo-foo crap all over us so we can "smell better". That's fine, we'll get you back... hope you don't like that rug in the bathroom, we just might POOP ON IT!!!

God, please help me.

Can't you tell by the exposure of the claws that I don't want to be here?

Assuming the position of resistance.

I so hate you right now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I don't know why but I love what I hear my VIH call showers. It could be the warm water, the way my VIH wraps me in a comfy towel when we are done, but as soon as I hear the water start, I am in the bathroom ready to rub-a-dub-dub! And if she gets in without me... I'll just stand by the edge of the tub and paw and whine until she picks me up and lets me get my wash on!

My new bestest friend

I really love Bella. She is my bestest friend. She is always so nice to me, and so pretty. She doesn't even growl at me when I pull her ears or legs too hard. She loves to play with me and never says "No", or "I am too busy". See in this picture my VIH took... look how good she is to me!!!

Uuuummmmmm... I don't know how this picture snuck in. As I said, I really like Bella... but... but.... oh well "BOW CHICKA BOW BOW" is all I can say!

Why I should be a Supermodel...

I don't know very many doggies out there that take pictures as well as I do. My own personal photographer Sherry tells me I am "a natural for the camera". Just look at the picture below. God, look at that stance! And my face... so striking, so inspirational! I am vigilantly watching the front door, ready to protect like a vicious tiger if I must! Just walk me down a runway and let me strike a pose! I am HUNGRY for it, I was BORN to be a supermodel!!!

Mmmmm.... Kibble!!!

Gosh, I am so cute, even I can hardly stand it!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Praise to his holiness, THE DRYER

Few things in life make me as happy as what my VIH refers to as the dryer. Whoever came up with that idea gets a face full of licks from me! All I need to do is see my VIH go towards it and I will watch, oh so patiently, for the gifts of the dryer god (aka WARM CLOTHES AND BLANKETS) to come out.

1. Watch VIH go towards dryer. 2. Happiness comes to gifts from the dryer god!!!

3. Worshipping the warmth provided by the divine, all-powerful dryer god.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We love mealtimes!!!

When our VIH cooks, we all know it's a slam dunk that we'll be getting something good. We'd like to submit as evidence Exhibit A:

Notice the clustering of chihuahuas. Very effective in negotiations for obtaining food... you know, working in packs, we're all about it. See also the emploring eyes. Our VIH is a sucker for it every time. And, as a result of our hard efforts, we'd like to submit for your consideration Exhibits B and C:

Notice how we insanely scramble around the food in the form of a triangle. Very efficient. This also makes our VIH think we are desperately hungry and we usually get more... sweet!!!


Something strange happens to me at night at the stroke of ten. Legs stop working. Head feels heavy. Must go to sleep. I will sit and paw at the bedroom door if I must to let my VIH know it's time for bed. And where would any self-respecting chi like myself sleep? In my VIH's bed of course! Those "dog beds" I hear humans speak of are for lower class pooches. All I do is peer up at my VIH with my big pretty eyes that say "Pick me up and put me into bed please." And she does every time.

And what do I do once I am all tired, laying in bed and getting ready to sleep? Start playing of course! Every chi knows you have to have the most insane, 15-20 minute bone fight before bed. Otherwise, sleep just won't be the same!

Today for the first time...

I voluntarily let my VIH rub my belly. Before I hated the idea of lying on my back, but this morning it seemed so natural. I just rolled over and she scratched me. Now I know what the other black chihuahua is talking about, it feels great! Plus, I love to stick my tongue out. In the wild, this might be a setback but these humans freak out over it... it's as if they think it's cute! You be the judge.

Kate Ruber!!!

Anyone who makes a living off putting our kind on clothing and accessories get two paws up from us!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, since the other two got to post...

Now it's my turn. And I've got nothing to say, but I want my moment, so check me out!!!

Man, I am the Gucci of chihuahuas! Look at that coat! And those pretty merle eyes... in Asian countries, I'd be caviar, I'm that good.

I don't know what it is...

But there is something very special about the way my VIH scratches. She just seems to get all the right spots. Maybe it's those nails of hers? I don't know, but it takes me back to the days of puppyhood, when all I got to do is eat, sleep, play and poop (oh wait... that's all I do now!)... it's just so relaxing and soothing. Look at that pic of me. Don't I just look like I'm in heaven? Ooooh, scratch, yes, belly, please, that's it... hey where's my VIH? I want a nice scratching!!!

My New Coat...

So, my VIH (Very Important Human) puts this weird thing on me whenever it gets cold out. I have no clue what it is, but my VIH goes on and on about how cute I look, and don't I like my new coat. I swear these humans have names for everything. This dumb thing makes me walk like a Frankenstein monster, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, since I have no choice in the matter. I do look pretty hot in it though. Check me out...

Ladies and Gents, Here we are...