Saturday, October 27, 2007


I love attention. There, I've said it. Is that so bad? Is it wrong that I want scratches and belly rubs whenever my VIH sits down to do something? Reading a book... love me. Typing on the computer... love me. Sewing... love me. I strategically plan on wanting attention whenever my VIH is not 100% focused on me, to remind her of how important I am. And how do I get attention? I have to give myself credit for this one... I take my razor sharp claws and scratch them on her arm, or when I am desperate, right across her face! Sometimes she yells and tells me "NO!" but I do it once more (usually right on the face) and what do I get? Attention. Love. It is so good to be me.

Hard at work.

Enjoying the fruits of my labor.