Sunday, October 28, 2007


Today our VIH took us to see a bunch of other Chis to let us play, run and do something humans call Halloween. We don't really know what this Halloween is, but a lot of the Chis were dressed in these crazy outfits. Thank God we didn't have to dress like them, but we heard our VIH say next year she is going to make us the best looking costumes for us ever. Whatever that means we haven't a clue.

Working the crowd.

This Chi has been turned into a hot dog.

The humans call this one a spider.
My VIH calls this my "Princess Lea" costume. I am so embarrassed.
For a second we thought this Chi was being eaten alive by a dinosaur.
The humans seemed to go really nuts over this Chi dressed like a waitress.

Her brother was dressed like a hamburger. Mmmmm... hamburger.

Taking it all in.
Wait, you're telling us you get treats on Halloween for dressing up? Darn it, VIH, why didn't you put us in costumes?