Saturday, October 27, 2007

Round One, Fight!

Today our VIH gave us something she calls a bath. Baths suck. It goes against every natural instinct we have. When you smell something nasty and foul that turns your stomach, it is in a chihuahuas nature to ROLL IN IT. But instead these humans have to ruin this beautiful putrid smell and say, "You smell like a dog!" Well, no kidding... the last time we checked we had four legs and fur and barked. So rather than letting us smell like a dog, our VIH throws us into a sink and pours this foo-foo crap all over us so we can "smell better". That's fine, we'll get you back... hope you don't like that rug in the bathroom, we just might POOP ON IT!!!

God, please help me.

Can't you tell by the exposure of the claws that I don't want to be here?

Assuming the position of resistance.

I so hate you right now.