Thursday, March 6, 2008

The 2008 Chi Awards

Yes, everyone, it's time for the annual 2008 Chi Awards! Awards were presented to those Chihuahuas who have made significant contributions to the breed and/or made considerable advancements for Chihuahuas everywhere. Recipients of a 2008 Chi Award will be presented with the following trophy:

In addition, all recipients will receive a year's supply of Mother Hubbard's "Bac'n Cheez" dog treats.

So let's begin. In the category of "Most Constructive Use Of Time While Owner Is Away", the Chi goes to:

for single-pawedly destroying a couch.

In the category of "Greatest Chihuahua Innovation", the Chi goes to:

for attempting to give Chihuahuas the ability to fly.

In the category of "Unique Costume Design", the Chi goes to:

for creating the "Sailor goes to a party!" look.

In the category of "Advancements in Patriotism", the Chi goes to:

for such outstanding use of the American flag and colors.

In the category of "Advancement in Chihuahua Lifestyle", the Chi goes to:

for making life much easier for Chis when taking a walk.

And finally, in the category of "Chihuahuas in Science", the Chi goes to:

for coming up with a new and innovative method of combating harmful radio waves that may fill our atmosphere.

Thank you to all the members of the Chi Academy that participated in the selection process for this year's winners!