Saturday, September 27, 2008

How do you spell unhappiness? D-R-E-M-E-L

Our VIH finally decided that she no longer wanted to take us in for nail trims. We are so thrilled about that! We hated, lets us say again HATED going in for nail trims. We'd go into this strange place with all these unusual puppy smells, and some stranger would pick us up and try to soothe us while they clip away pieces of our precious nails. Why humans think our nails need to be kept nice and short we have no idea. They work just fine for us!

Our moment of elation thinking that we were finally in the clear of all nail trims was soon cut short, no pun intended. Our VIH, being the "hands-on" owner that she is, decided that she would take it upon herself to see to it that our nails were paw perfect. Rather than trimming, she bought this strange and unusual device called a dremel. Have you heard of this thing before? Yeah, neither had we. Well, it would make this funny buzzing sound and she would put it up to each of our nails and we'd watch as little powdery flakes came from it. While we aren't too excited about having it done, at least we get a TREAT after it is all finished. You should listen to our VIH rant and rave about how perfectly short our nails are now. If only we had opposable thumbs... then we'd see how much she likes it!!!

Facing the ghastly DREMEL. Notice how our VIH is trying her best to calm me.

Trying my best to go to a happy place.

FYI, the licking is not because I am happy.

Why me?

I look calm and peaceful, but looks can be deceiving!