Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Party!!!

Like humans, we love the holidays... the food, the chi friends, and the parties! And the three of us are serious party animals. So it goes without saying how stoked we were for the annual Chihuahua holiday party. We've been counting down the days, and spent lots of time rolling in the grass beforehand to make sure we smelled and looked our best. As you can easily see from the pictures below, we had a blast.

Our VIH made this to bring to the party. If heaven were a place on earth, it would be filled with gigantic chicken and rice shaped bones like this.

Our VIH put a sign on it. It reads: "CHICKEN AND RICE: Beautifully boiled chicken paired with a freshly steamed rice for the pooches to enjoy." Allow us a moment to stop our drooling.

Getting a feel for the room.

The party is on and we are in full party mode now!

"Okay, so stop me if you have heard this one. A Chihuahua, Poodle, and Boxer walk into a bar..."

VIH, wait for me!!!

One very smart chi scoping out the foodage situation.

The humans start eating. As if! What about us???

Ah, yes! Chicken and rice! SWEET!!!

As you can see, the chicken and rice was a big success.

Time to go already? VIH, do we have to?

Man, what a party! Zzzzzzzzzz......