Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shoes. OMG, Shoes!!!

I love shoes. They are just an all-around perfect chew toy. I especially love my VIH's shoes. They have all kinds of great straps and bows and heels that are just the right size to sink my tiny teeth into.

So then what's the problem? My VIH is what's the problem! She won't let me into the special place where all her shoes are (the closet, as I have heard it called). She shoos me out of there before I can get a chance to even slobber on them.

So lately I have stepped my game up a bit. There's always a couple of times a week when she's not paying attention, the bedroom door is open, and so is the closet. These days are very special. Like a skilled hunter, I silently slink into the darkened room and make a quiet run for the closet. Sometimes I like to start my chew-fest in the closet, where mounds of shoes act as my natural camouflage.

Other times though I like to take my toy to my doggie bed, a place where I like to retreat and relax. The only trouble is that my bed is all the way on the other side of the house. So getting there without being caught is quite a challenge. That is why I have attached a map I created to fully illustrate to you the perseverance and dedication I have to my mission.

Betchya can't see me!!!

Enjoying my toy in the luxury of my doggie bed.

Getting shoe-toys is tedious work.