Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bella And Her Paper

Something interesting you may not know about me: I LOVE PAPER. I love everything about it: the variation of colors and textures it comes in, its chewability, and most importantly, it's shredability. You can give me a piece of paper and I can obliterate it in seconds. About six or seven months ago I single-pawedly shredded my VIH's check ledger. I was pretty proud about how quickly I accomplished this great feat, a whole little booklet of papers turned into nothing but paper bits. In celebration I flung the paper bits all over the house; it was one of the best days of my life! But for some reason my VIH didn't want to share in my victory with me when she got home. Maybe it was because she had to pick up all the little, teeny, tiny pieces of paper I threw around the house? I'm not sure, but ever since I was hooked to what you humans call paper.

Daisy, silly dog, you can't have that paper... it belongs to me!

Don't mind me...