Thursday, February 7, 2008

You Too Can "Chihuahuaify" Your Home!

Our breed is the best of all the dog breeds in the world. We know this. So for all those humans out there who completely agree with us, why not show off your Chihuahua pride around your home with a few of these fine Chihuahua-themed products? Come on, Chihuahuaify your home... you know you want to!

Imagine going out to get your newest postal delivery... in a CHIHUAHUA MAILBOX!

Why not adorn your garden with a CHIHUAHUA TOPIARY?

Sitting down to a taco dinner? Then you better break out your CHIHUAHUA TACO HOLDER!

And what Chihuahua lover could go without CHIHUAHUA TOILET PAPER in their bathroom? That's so hot!

And finally, why not spice up your bedroom with a set of CHIHUAHUA PILLOWS on your bed? Just look at that face... priceless!!!