Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Crime was Committed

Please allow me to properly set the scene of the crime...

It was a cloudy day on November 6th. One of those days where walking is the last thing on your mind. The type of day where'd you rather curl up with a good bone rather than perform physical exercise. My VIH straps harnesses on the girls and I and out we go. We reach our destination... the place with a lot of grass (the park, as I have heard it called). We make a couple of laps around, but something is wrong. Terribly wrong. I try to tell my VIH by stopping the walking process, and what does she do? She literally forces me to keep going. Finally, after a few minutes she got the hint and picked me up a bit. But by then it was too late. The crime had been committed. It wasn't until we got home that my VIH realized what happened, when she picked me up to take my harness off me. There they were... little droplets of blood on her pretty pink pants. She cuddled me and told me how sorry she was, but it was too late. No apologies could fix the permanent damage done to my psyche.

Tending to my wounds.

Evidence straight from the scene of the crime.