Thursday, November 1, 2007

Word for the Day: TREAT

There is one word that is so wonderful in the human language. It is a word that could unite war-torn countries and create total peace and harmony among all. This word is TREAT. You could be having the randomest of conversations, as our VIH does, but sneak the word TREAT in there and our heads will snap out of whatever play we were in the middle of and stare earnestly at you. At that moment, we will be thinking, "Did someone dare to mention the most perfect word ever? The word that is the holiest of holies, the one word that brings total goodness in small bone form?" And then we jump joyfully up and down, anxious to partake in the yum-fest that surely awaits us. All hail, to the word TREAT!!!

Who would think that something so tasty and great and spectacular could be purchased at Petsmart for a mere $2.99?

An example of our beloved doggie drug.