Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santa and his 8... Chihuahuas?

"When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer"

Many of you are familiar with these words. Heck, lawns all over the country are decorated for the holiday season with plastic reindeer and Santa in tow. But what if, instead of reindeer, Chihuahuas led the way on the most important of all nights, Christmas Eve? How would Christmas be different?
Don't get us wrong, the reindeer is a fabulous animal... and because it is about 50 times our size, we aren't about to go around insulting them. But we chihuahuas are pretty fast animals, and a pack of Chis could do the same amount of work as a herd of reindeer in about half the time. Plus, we'll eat anything, so Santa can share cookies and milk with us. What an ease on the American dollar now that homes will not have to stockpile on carrots to leave by the fireplace for us!

"So on this Christmas Eve when you look to the sky,
Listen real carefully when you see Santa flying by,
You might be surprisingly shocked by what you might hear,
Not a "Ho! Ho! Ho!" or the sound of reindeer,
Rather ever so faintly through the cold winter's night,
You just might hear the "Woof!" of a Chihuahua... what a delight!"

Yes, we like these words much better.

Chihuahuas... the next reindeer?