Thursday, November 8, 2007


10. We won't complain that you hog the bed.
9. We can easily fit in the overhead storage bin of a 747 airliner.
8. We make small pieces of poop.
7. If you are a a guy, our adorable looks can get you girls.
6. If you are a girl, our adorable looks can get you lots of friends. (We'd love to say guys, but the sad truth is that they don't dig us as much as the girls do.)
5. We'll definitely outlive that ugly Shar-Pei you've been thinking of getting.
4. We'll love you 'til the end and never leave you.
3. What other dog can you think of that you can drench in total bling? (And we still look good... sorry, toy poodles.)
2. It is a scientific proven fact that owning a chihuahua can increase your sex appeal and financial status.
1. Two words: DAMN CUTE!!!