Monday, November 19, 2007

Chihuahuas... The First Pilgrims???

Many of you do not know the TRUE story of Thanksgiving. Allow us to bestow our knowledge upon you. Many, many years ago the first ships came to America. These ships were filled with CHIHUAHUAS. When we landed we were greeted by Native American Indians. We showed them we were a peaceful and loving pack with a bone offering. They seemed very impressed with our innate hunting skills and natural instincts for survival. We spent many, many months sharing with each other what we knew. Finally, on one crisp autumn day, we met at a place called Chihuahua Rock (many of you may think it is Plymouth Rock, but that is incorrect) and had a feast fit for an alpha dog!

Still don't believe us? Here's proof positive we Chihuahuas were at the first Thanksgiving. Look at the photo below: