Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Look of Hunger

Wait... I hear it... the crinkling of plastic that comes from only one place in the house... and then... what's that? Opening of the microwave door, that beautiful click and then shut. Beep Beep Beep as the time is punched in. Ah, yes, it is truly happening! I eagerly get up from my place of slumber on the couch and approach the kitchen, donning the cutest and lightest of gaits as I go. Maybe my VIH will see me prance oh so merrily over to her and that will score me some points? I watch her in the kitchen, as she grabs one of those things humans eat off of and suddenly... bleep bleep bleep. Could it be true? My nose senses it before my eyes do. It smells so delicious, and I watch steam rise as my VIH takes it out. She walks over to the couch to dine on her delightful food. I jump up next to her and sit, so obediently, thinking maybe if I look at her with my prettiest face I will be lucky enough to score some grub. And... at last... she sees me and tears off a piece... ooooh, so tasty, so delicious, MUST HAVE MORE IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!!